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Tap Wall

Bring (or buy) your own container to fill with unscented products straight from our Tap Wall! These items are available for you to fill and scent to your heart's content. Choose from our shelf of essential oils & fragrances to add as you pour or keep it unscented. Your options are limitless!

Cleaning & Laundry Price Per Ounce
Hand Soap $0.78
Glass Cleaner $0.18
Tub & Tile $0.32
Toilet Bowl Cleaner $0.29
All Purpose Household Cleaner $0.34
Dish Soap $0.28
Liquid Laundry Soap $0.28
Personal Care Price Per Ounce
Hand & Body Lotion $0.68
Plaine Co Conditioner $1.38
Plaine Co Shampoo $1.38
Shikai Shampoo $1.20
Shikai Conditioner $1.20
Foaming Milk Bath $1.50
Olive Oil Body Wash $0.96


For information on how to use any products from our Tap Wall, simply click the category or product you have questions about!