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Did you hear? We now offer our amazing, high quality, fragrance & essential oils for refill in-store or purchase online by the ounce!

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Our doors in the Plaza are OPEN! Shop online or in store. We cannot wait to see you!

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Everything is thoughtfully handcrafted in small batches by our woman owned, woman run, team.
Everything we make is Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Petroleum Free, & Cruelty Free. Why should you worry about using products that contain any of these chemicals? The skin is a super-absorber of substances both good and bad, and the products you put on your skin end up in your body. All of our small batch handcrafted bath products are made locally in Oklahoma City. We started making soap in our kitchen in 2012, & haven’t stopped since. Come to our main location at 4209 N Western Avenue to see our process & shop our goods anytime!

natural, Eco-friendly, and sustainable

Thoughtfully made...

Even the glitter we sprinkle on top is chosen with your health and that of the Earth's in mind. Safe for you and the ocean, we use Bio-Glitter® made from eucalyptus trees. It's biodegradable & certified compostable. How cool is that!?

♬ One unique thing you might notice as you shop is that each bar of soap is tagged with the album & artist we were listening to while making them! Music is creatively inspiring for us every day in the lab. We believe that life has a soundtrack no matter what it is that you are doing or experiencing. Making soap is no exception. Each batch of soap comes together in a melody of scent and color. Soap is art in it’s own way, & no two bars are ever alike. The scent will always be consistent but the colors and music will vary. Find your favorite album/artist today - feel free to tag us and tell us why a specific one is special to you ♬

Shut Up
& Groove

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"Oh my, that's so satisfying to watch."

Part of what is so special about our shop in Oklahoma City is our belief that "retail theater" is the stuff dreams are made of!

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Love to see how it's made? Do you want to know more about our process? Following us on social media, specifically Instagram, is the best way to keep in touch! You'll see more satisfying videos like the one below & so much more! You can find us @LocalLather