All Purpose Household Cleaner $0.34/ounce

Living can be messy.  Keeping your home clean requires an ongoing fight against grime. Spray-Clean Supreme Household Multi-Surface Cleaner makes keeping house easy -- even when it’s really filthy.

Spray and wipe just about everything. Use in the bathroom and kitchen, and anywhere you find a big mess. It’s non-corrosive, and great for electronic screens and whiteboards without causing pitting. Strong enough to cut through grime on patio furniture and awnings.

Without the harmful chemicals that sting your lungs and harm the finishes of your surfaces, you’ll find that our plant-based formula is safe to use around the whole family. There are no harsh chemicals known for causing health issues, i.e. SLS, SLES, Laureth-7, Butyl, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, glycol ether, brighteners, or EDTA. Our allergy-friendly formula is also free from dyes and fragrances.

How To Use:

For use as spray or dilute liquid.

Spray onto soiled surface and wait a few minutes. Then wipe or brush off surface with a damp cloth or scouring pad. For tough jobs and residual soils, repeat and scrub. Rinse with water.

Dilute Liquid – Add two Tablespoons of cleaner to one quart of warm water. Using sponge, cloth, or scouring pad, apply to soiled surface and scrub. Rinse with water to flush off loosened soil. Repeat as necessary.

Fabric – Spray full strength onto spots to be removed. Blot with clean towel. Repeat as required. Rinse with water.


Contents may irritate eyes and stomach. In case of eye contact, rinse eyes with water and consult a doctor. In case of ingestion drink lots of water and consult a doctor.


water, isopropylidene glycerol (plant), methylglycinediacetic acid, sodium salt (synthetic, EPA safer chemical listed), lauryl decyl glucoside (plant), sodium caprylyl sulfonate (plant), carboxymethyl inulin (plant), citric acid (plant). Any fragrances used are ISO 9235 and 16128 certified natural essential oils, isolates, and extracts (plant).