Uncalibrated Binchotan Charcoal - Water Bottle

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Enjoy tap water thanks to Binchotan charcoal! Binchotan charcoal is ideal for purifying the water needed by our bodies throughout the day. It is also perfect for obtaining purer and healthier water, especially for making hot drinks (coffee, tea, etc.) and will enhance their aromas.

These activated charcoal sticked are obtained from local producers in the south of Japan, with their ancestral know-how. They are obtained from a noble and very dense wood that can only be found in the south of the country of the rising sun.


Bottle size is ideal for bottles of 0.5 to 1 liter

These are not calibrated, it is recommended to use 20g per liter for good quality water, 30g for average quality water, and 40g for poor quality water. To find out about your water, contact your local council.

How To Use:

Run charcoal piece(s) under cold water and scrub with a vegetable brush or loofah sponge to remove any white powder.
Boil charcoal in water for about 15 minutes to activate them
Allow to air dry, then place in your container
Wait at least 8 hours before using the water.

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