Reusable Coffee Filters

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Time to up your coffee game! These reusable coffee filters are made with 100% Organic Unbleached Linen and are a wonderful solution to disposable filters. Cotton thread ensures a long life, and plastic free coffee experience.


Pack of 2
Comes in a cone shape or a basket shape.

Cone is perfect for your pour over 
Basket is perfect for your automatic drip

Use & Care Instructions:

1. Before use, it's recommended to boil the filters for 10 minutes to prepare them for your coffee ritual. 
2. When ready to brew, place one filter inside the drip coffee cone of your choice and fill with desired amount of ground coffee.
3. Pour boiling water over grounds
4. Empty grounds from filter after use, rinse and hang dry

You can store your filters in water in the fridge, or freezer for prolonged freshness.
Boil filters periodically to clean.

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