Pop-up Sponge

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This Pop-up Sponge is another great zero-waste swap for your kitchen. Made of 100% vegetable cellulose (wood pulp), these kitchen sponges feel and function like traditional sponges but are completely plant-based, plastic-free, and compostable.

Why are cellulose sponges better than plastic ones?
Experts recommend changing kitchen sponges once a which due to bacteria, which is problematic since plastic kitchen sponges take thousands of years to break down. Cellulose sponges are recommended because of their ability to be sanitized/disinfected in hot water (not recommended for plastic sponges.) Traditional sponges can also shed microplastics which can make their way into our water cycle and end up in our rivers, oceans, and drinking water. 


Dry Dimensions: 11 x 9cm / 4.33 x 3.45in
Wet Dimensions: 10 x 12cm / 3.93 x 4.72in


Care Tips: Dry completely between uses. Boil in water to kill bacteria. Place away from high heat or flames. Avoid soaking in water.

How To Use:

1. Soak the sponge in water and watch it expand for a few minutes.

2. Use as a normal sponge.

3. Once ready to dispose of, cut into small pieces, then place in compost.

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