Pink Himalayan Deodorant Heart

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 This Himalayan Pink Salt Deodorant Heart is 100% natural and contains no synthetic colours, fragrances, silicones, parabens or Aluminium or Alum. Thanks to the natural antibacterial affect of salt, this Himalayan pink salt Heart is very effective in controlling unwanted under arm odour by killing bacteria before smells can appear. It is not an antiperspirant and as such will not clog or block your pores.


Himalayan Salt is found in the foothills of the Himalayas and was formed by sea salt deposits around 200 millions years ago. Himalayan pink salt is known for its rainbow of colours from crystal clear and translucent white through to varying shades of pink to deep reds, these are the natural effects of its high mineral and iron content

  1. To use;  simply apply to your still wet under arm after a bath or shower or wet the heart and gently massage the skin. Be careful not to press too hard and irritate the delicate under arm.
  2. After use; dry your Himalayan Pink Salt Deodorant Heart and store in a dry place. For easy and convenient storage use my Unbleached Cotton Soap Pouch.

100% Himalayan Pink Salt


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