Nellie's Forever Brush Replacement Head

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To keep your Forever Brush head fresh and performing up to snuff, just remove and replace the biodegradable head every 4-6 months

  • Recycled : ​​Product is made of post-consumer material and byproducts that have been recovered or diverted from solid waste, and have been utilized in place of raw or virgin material in manufacturing a product.
  • Organic: Product does not contain any growth hormones, unauthorized synthetic pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic ingredients, and has been produced following organic production processes.
  • Plastic-free : Product does not contain plastics created from polymerized crude oil.
  • Refill : Product is designed to be reused and refilled to reduce single use packaging, or is a refill version that’s designed to have less packaging than the initial purchase unit.
  • Vegan : Product does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.
  • Upcycled : By-products, waste, and other unwanted material are reused to create this product.