Lava Pumice Stone

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Rock away the dead skin with the Beauty by Earth Pumice Stone. Eco-friendly bodycare remedies are at your feet with this 100% volcanic stone that buffs away rough skin, cracked heels, and tough callouses to reveal smooth tootsies you’ll love to show off. It’s time to give your feet a little TLC!

How to use?

Pumice stones provide light exfoliation that’s ideal for all skin types. To use your pumice stone, gently buff dry patches in circular motions until all the rough areas have been exfoliated. Pumice stones are generally safe to use everyday—just don’t scrub too hard.

Pumice stones work best when your feet are wet, so soak your skin and the pumice stone in warm water before using. This ensures a smooth glide over rough skin and lessens the risk of scrubbing too hard. Always wash the stone off thoroughly after each use.


100% Volcanic pumice stone!

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