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A colorful and convenient on-the-go tissue pack with 6 organic cotton tissues, eliminating the need for 3100 single-use tissues! Each tissue can be reused 500 times, so with 6 tissues you'll eliminate 3000 single-use tissues!

The case is made of high grade silicone that's free of contaminants and highly durable. It doesn't shed any toxins or break down into particles that harm the environment, making it a better environmental choice than plastic. The tissues are made of organic cotton.

How To Use:

Pull the tissue out from the bottom slot, use, and tuck it back on top.
A barrier will keep the used tissues separated from the clean ones.
When they're all used you can toss them in with your laundry and they come out even softer than before.
Dry them, fold them, and pop them back into the case.

The silicone case can be washed with alcohol or in the dishwasher.

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