Lamby Dryerballs Tin

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Sheep all over New Zealand are lining up to strip down for one of the most popular items in the Dryerball family: 100% pure New Zealand sheep’s wool Dryerballs. That’s a lot of naked sheep!

Searching for a natural alternative to toxic dryer sheets? Look no further! With wool straight through to the core, our Dryerballs act as a soft, silent, natural fabric softener that lift and separate clothes, cutting down on both static and drying time. They also come in a reusable tin that doubles as a piggy bank. You’re going to need somewhere to put all the money you’ll save from using less energy from drying. *No sheep were harmed in the making of these Dryerballs* 



Packaged: 4 Dryer Balls


How To Use:

1. Use in place of dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

2. Toss all 4 Dryerballs into your dryer and dry accordingly.


New Zealand Sheep's Woll

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