Hand Deodorizing Bar

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Thanks to the natural antibacterial affect of salt, this Deodorising hand bar is made from Himalayan pink salt which is carefully hand carved to give it its traditional soap bar look. Due to the antibacterial qualities of salt this bar is very effective in controlling unwanted odour caused by cutting highly fragranced vegetables such as onions and garlic.



Himalayan Salt is found in the foothills of the Himalayas and was formed by sea salt deposits around 200 millions years ago. Himalayan pink salt is known for its range of colours from crystal clear to translucent white and varying shades of pink to deep reds, are the effects of its high mineral and iron content.


1. To use;  wet your hands with warm water and rub the bar between your hands as you would a regular bar of soap. Be careful not to press too hard and irritate your skin. Rinse hands, dry and moisturise if you wish

2. After use; to ensure your Deodorising hand bar lasts a long time time it is best stored dry ensuring any water is able to run off and is not left touching the bar. For easy and convenient storage use a Soap dish or Unbleached Cotton Soap Pouch.


100% Himalayan Pink Salt

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