Fresh Stop Kit

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Little kit, big impact! A perfect kit to get a quick start to reusable habits. Including a LastSwab, LastSwab Beauty, and LastRound to help eliminate as much as 2,750 single-use products. 


Dimensions: 7" x 28" x 33"
Packaged: 1 LastSwab Original, 1 LastSwab Beauty, 3 LastRound

LastSwab: Textured tips to grip ear wax, easy to clean and durable, using a LastSwab 1000 times vs 100 single use swabs can reduce carbon footprint by 83%, reduces water consumption by 92%, and reduces energy demand by 91%.

LastRound: Switching to a LastRound instead of using traditional single-use cotton pads reduces carbon footprint by 90%, reduces water consumption by 92%, reduces primary energy demand by 90%.

How To Use:

Swabs: Simply use, was, repeat!

Rounds: Wet first. Use to apply toners serums and moisturizers or make-up remover. Simply use, wash, repeat!

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