Face Saver Bandages

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Blemishes should not ruin your weekend plans. Resist the picking urge with these hydrocolloid pads that seal in moisture to promote a healing environment and keep out the dirt and germs. Made with a discreet design to hide the cuts and blemishes from others. All packed in a portable tin to take with you on any kind of adventure.


36 count - Hydrocolloid spot bandages

Transparent design for discreet coverage
Supports healing environment for blemishes
Reusable & Recyclable tin container

How To Use:

1. Clean affected area and hands, and dry thoroughly. Do not use any creams/ointments or the bandage will not adhere correctly.

2. Peel open the face bandage pouch. Remove bandage.

3. Place the bandage on affected area. Gently press edges of the bandage.

4. Keep unused bandages in pouch.


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