Safety Razor Blades Refill Pack

Safety Razor Blades Refill Pack

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Jungle Culture double edge safety razor blades are produced using high-quality Swedish stainless steel. Our plastic-free eco razor blades are compatible with ALL safety razors, including our own range. Packaged in recycled kraft paper, our zero-waste razor blades are available in packs of 10. Each razor blade should last for between 10-15 shaves!


How To Use:

1. Unscrew your razor head, place the blade in between the metal pieces and screw back on, ensuring that the ridges on the razor blade head are facing upwards. Whenever the blade becomes uncomfortable, switch it for a new one.

2. Safety razor blades usually cannot be put in standard recycling bins. Make sure you check with your local recycling center to see how and where to dispose of the blades properly.


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