Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmie

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Simplify your beauty routine with multi-use Lip-to-Lid Balmies that work for eyes, lips, and cheeks. These eco-friendly, plastic-free crayons offer the same product amount as a regular lipstick and feature a tubeless application for reduced environmental impact. They are long-lasting and nourishing, crafted with just 9 ethically-sourced ingredients. Balmies offer a matte finish and drier texture, ideal for oily skin or for those who include face oils in their skincare regimen. 


Why so small? Balmies are the same size as a standard lipstick (.12oz). They just look small because they're naked!

Instead of a plastic tube and cap, axiology opted for a tubeless crayon paired with a box you can store your balmies in. The red box is also meant to be the Baalmies "packaging" . Keep Balmies in their sturdy case and they can travel with you anywhere. 

How to Use: 

Just keep using them like you would any other lipstick. The tip may disappear but the silky smooth texture will easily glide onto your eyes lips and cheeks. Peel the paper as you use your Balmie and recycle the packaging once you're finished with it!