Coconut Bottle Brush

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A natural and multipurpose brush for cleaning glasses, cups, dishes and hard-to-reach spots. Made out of Coconut Fibre, coconut husk is naturally oil-resistant without any chemicals, plastic, or BPA. Because of that, there are no toxins or worries that microplastics will be passed to the food or into the waterways. Non-scratch to safely use with cast iron or stainless steel cookware.



Dimensions: 23 x 3cm / 9.1 x 1.2in

Food Safe
Made of Coconut Fibre
Easy to hold & handle

Care Tips:

Rinse off soap buildup with water after heavy use and wipe to dry. Dry outdoors once to twice every week and alternate with a different soap dish. Use water-vinegar solutions to clean mold. Place away from high heat or flames.


Repurpose the brush for shoe cleaning, general house cleaning, gardening, etc. Check your city's waste management info before disposal. If unsure, always consider composting in the backyard over throwing it into the garbage.

How To Use:

1. Scrub glasses, cups dishes, and hard-to-reach spots with dish soap as needed


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