Barber Alum Stone

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Used since immemorial times by the master barbers for its soothing and healing virtues, the natural alum stone is an essential part of traditional shaving. Ideal for calming razor burn or facilitating electric shaving, its benefits on the skin are unparalleled. Give it a try, you'll tell us all about it! Traditional french manufacture and 100% natural. Potassium alum.

How to Use:

1. Run the stone under cold water
2. Apply to your beautiful clean-shaven skin
*Use it before you electric shave to make the cut easier OR after you manual shave to speed up the healing process and to calm razor burns*
It may cause a slight tingling sensation.


Monsieur BARBIER's alum stone is directly extracted, then cut to form this beautiful, homogeneous block that adorns your bathroom. Unlike reconstructed blocks, it guarantees unequaled comfort and durability, without crumbling. A cutting-edge quality!

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