Last Object Tissue Double

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The perfect duo to make it through the winter season! 2 Packs of LastTissue bundled in a holiday pack. Give them as a gift, keep both for yourself, or even share with a friend! Totaling in eliminating 6,200 single-use tissues!


Dimensions: 11xm x 55cm x 55cm
Packaged: 2 LastTissues packs - each pack comes with 6 cotton tissues in a silicone case

Use & Care:

- Use tissues just like a regular single use tissue.
- Wash tissues at 140F to make sure germs are killed before using again
- The silicone case is dishwasher safe
- The case can also last 10 years if taken care of, lasting for two refills of tissues
- After a long happy life the case should be cut into pieces and handed in to your local recycling facility for recycling.
- Organic cotton tissues can be recycled with textiles
- Cardboard packaging can be recycled with cardboard.

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