Eco-Friendly Hair Turban Wrap

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The Eco-Friendly Hair Wrap boasts its super soft and durable organic bamboo cotton that absorbs water quickly to reduce hair breakage. The plush material and simple, secure button closure allows for ease of use while drying hair quickly.

Dry your hair and keep it out of the way while you apply skincare or make-up with this hair wrap. The hair turban wrap is lightweight, highly absorbent and gentle on all hair types. Absorbs water three times faster compared with ordinary towels.

How to use:

This hair wrap is designed just like a regular hair turban.
Place the wrap over your head and find the loop at the end. (This step might be easier if you bend over and have your hair hang over your neck toward the front.)
Twist the hair up into the wrap and secure the loop onto the back of your head.
Remove from head when you and your hair are ready!

Wash instruction:

recommend hand wash, or place the hair wrap inside a garment bag for gentle cycle in a washer. 

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