Deluxe Gift Box

Deluxe Gift Box

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It doesn't get better than this box! It's is absolutely perfect for the bath lover in your life! Each item is a beloved best seller for a reason. The Works spray began our love affair with essential oils, and we credit it's creating with starting our whole company. As for the Milk Bath, we always say, if you've never bathed in milk, you haven't lived! Don't get me started on all the reasons we love Turkish Towels. They are eco-friendly, fast drying, and get softer and more luxurious the more you use them!

All items in this set are refillable and perfect for your favorite Local Lather Lover!


The perfect gift, wrapped & ready!

Box: 6 pieces
Dimensions: 10"10x5'


5 oz Bar Soap

4 oz Solid Lotion Bar

4 oz bottle of The Works

12 oz Foaming Milk Bath

Soap Saver Loofah

Fluffy White Turkish towel

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