Gift Card Bonus Bucks $20 value for $15

Gift Card Bonus Bucks $20 value for $15

Regular price $20.00

As many of you might know, we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to recoup funds that were stolen during the build-out of our new bulk refill & low waste shop. We are trying to bridge the gap by offering specials and promotions. If you haven't seen our kickstarter, you can view it here


Gift Card Value: You will receive a $20 gift card (redeemable at The Lab, The Refillery or here on our site.
Digital: code

These digital BONUS BUCKS gift cards are one of the best options for people who already know they love Local Lather & either live too far away to enjoy the benefits of our new location- or just those of you who prefer to support this way instead. It's good for you & great for us! We will offer this 25% bonus until The Refillery opens on 4/22/22.

How Many Can I Buy:

As many as you want! Think ahead! You can use these for future gifts, your future holiday shopping, or to fill all of the containers you bring to our new shop. The sky is the limit!