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Reserve a single spot for Sunday, 4/30 at 10:00 AM at The Refillery in the Plaza District. Do you love burning candles?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to be an expert chandler? (thats what you call someone who makes candles of course!)  Come learn all the ins & outs of good candle chemistry.  We will introduce you to the best ingredient blends and even help you craft a custom scent to create the "scentscape" your ideal space.  Bonus, you can even add glitter!  YES I said GLITTER!  While you craft, sip on delicious mimosas, and nibble on Levi's famous sweet & savory scones. You will leave knowing everything you need to know and with your handcrafted 8 oz custom candle in a scent and vessel of your choice.  This group event is really fun to enjoy on your own, with a partner, sister, mother, or bestie! 

Receive 15% off the entire shop floor during the event! (Duration 1.5 hours)

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